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  • Acceptable Nationality Targets: THOSE FUCKING IONIANS. He hates the inhabitants of his neighbour-moon because of the Frieden terrorist movement that started there long ago. He accuses them of being the reason why people believe that all Jovians are terrorists.

  • Addiction Displacement: Well. Giving head is nearly as good as smoking. Right?

  • Almost Kiss: A little more explicitly, he has an almost blowjob moment with TSUN when TSUN is (temporarily) promoted to squad leader. Sadly, TSUN's armour won't come off, crushing this once-in-a-lifetime chance for him.

  • Angrish: His real native language.

  • Anti-Hero: He's a Type IV. On a good day.

  • Badass Crew: AWESOME Squad, hard as it may be to believe.

    • Let's Get Dangerous: Pretty much what happens when AWESOME Squad actually goes into battle. You wouldn't expect it from this bunch of immature idiots.

    • Misfit Mobilization Moment: Every time AWESOME Squad goes into battle. Especially when shit gets serious, AKA hunters, wraiths, etc. They work together surprisingly well and coordinated.

    • Ragtag Bunch Of Misfits: The only way to describe AWESOME Squad. Of course they chose that name themselves. They currently consist of an illusive boss of questionable morals, a sniper and a heavy weapons specialist who hate each other's guts and get into fistfights at least once a day, a country-singing scout, and a nerdy hacker of a rookie, who has to endure bullying, violence, and initiation rites that are designed to kill him. In other words, no other squad leader would put up with these guys.

  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Arguably with TSUN, although how exactly their relationship works is a mystery to everybody, them included.

  • Berserk Button: Touching the sniper rifle. Touching the napalm grenades. Mistaking him for European. Mistaking him for Ionian. Calling him a terrorist. Not immediately understanding where or what Europa is, or what a 'Jovian' moon is. Mentioning his accent. Running out of cigarettes. TSUN.

  • Blood Knight: A sort of blood knight at least, he joined the military specifically to shoot people. Work as a janitor can do that to you. And turns out, he's really good at it.

  • Blue Eyes: Could count as a trope in that he's from an ice world. OR THE DEMONIC EYES/EVIL FOREIGNER PART. Yeah, no, forget it.

  • Boom Headshot: Unprofessional, yes. He still does it. Whether for the shock value or for bragging rights... probably both.

  • Cargo Ship: The way he talks about his long, hard rifle...

  • Cluster F-Bomb: He has serious trouble forming a single sentence without some variation of the F-word. He claims he just needs them for emphasis, since the English language is too neutral and mellow.

  • Cold Sniper: He's unfriendly, rude, constantly angry, and if you run into his line of fire? He's taking the chances that the bullet will just travel through you before he lets you ruin his aim. You don't want to step into his line of fire.

  • Deadpan Snarker

  • Did You Just Have Sex: Happens all the time. To be fair, it's pretty likely that he did.

  • Disproportionate Retribution: Touch the sniper rifle? Touch the napalm grenades? He'll shoot you. Not a joke.

  • Do Not Run With A Gun: Not only can he run while aiming and shooting, but he can run while aiming and firing an anti-matériel rifle.

  • Eloquent In My Native Tongue: Subverted. His English is more proper and less grammatically butchered than his (very working class and even more vulgar) German.

  • Foreign Cuss Word: He's prone to spouting them, since his English cussing becomes incoherent after a while (and a certain amount of anger).

  • Glass Cannon: To be fair, he can take some punishment, but mostly, he's just fucking vulnerable while he's aiming, and can be finished off rather easily if nobody's watching his back. He's also not exactly anywhere as tough as TSUN. The damage he deals out, on the other hand...

  • Grim Up North: Not technically from the 'north', but he's from a freaking ice planet (moon, rather). Fits this trope to a T.

  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Everything is a berserk button around him.

  • Handsome Lech: At least he's convinced that he's this.

  • Hero With An F In Good: There wouldn't be much difference to what he's like now if he was with the Covenant instead. Hell, he wouldn't care if he was with the Covenant instead, long as he'd get to shoot people.

  • Heroic Sociopath: He has an impressive list of confirmed kills - and, probably, of team kills. He invents initiation rites specifically to kill off rookies. The squad's previous sniper died under slightly mysterious circumstances. His former spotter had an accident. Oh, and? He's done time. Just a few months, granted, but... All in all, he loves what he does for a living.

  • Hot-Blooded: Old squadmates have contemplated that maybe you need to be like this if you come from a fucking ice planet.

  • Jerk Ass

  • Improbable Aiming Skills: He can snipe a Covvie sniper with a carbine or magnum. Before the sniper's seen him. Seriously.

  • Kill It With Fire: Napalm grenades. He loves napalm grenades. You even think of picking them up, he'll shoot you.

  • Klingon Promotion: The story how he became a sniper? The squad's old sniper died under circumstances that to this day aren't quite clear. Ever since then, he's been hogging the sniper rifle, until the right combination of sucking up to the boss (literally) and actually hitting shit got him officially assigned to sniper duty (and finally got him official sniper training, under more than slightly shady circumstances).

  • Leeroy Jenkins: He loves suicide missions. Don't let him drive the tank. Even though that's the only vehicle he can sort of accept if he's driving at least... Seriously, don't.

  • Making Love In All The Wrong Places: Blows the bossman not only in his office, but also in then field, if they get a private moment. Partially to help his career, partially because of a really unhealthy oral fixation.

  • Military Maverick: He does what the bossman says, but seeing the bossman gives them a fair amount of freedom in regards to how to do a mission... Other than that, he does what he wants. And that usually means shoot first, ask questions later (or not at all). Why does he get away with it? Slight subversion in that he doesn't. Demotions and court-martial and even prison time make up half of his career, and despite being a fairly good sniper who's been with the UNSC for nearly thirteen years... he's still a private. Or rather, a private again. And again. And again. The only reason he isn't kicked out for good? Bossman.

  • Mistaken For Terrorist: Thanks to being from a Jovian moon, just like the origins of the Frieden terrorist movement, people seem to assume that automatically. He never tires of complaining about that and explaining that 'those fucking Ionians' are the terrorists - the Frieden movement having started on Io, not Europa.

  • Must Have Nicotine: More importantly, even, must have something in his mouth. Preferably cigarettes. Or, well.

  • No One Could Survive That: The 'initiation rites' he makes up for rookies.

  • No Scope: He insists the scope is just there for aesthetics. Not really, of course, but he does occasionally use the sniper rifle in close combat. He does have a pretty good aim even with scopeless weapons, though.

  • Noodle Incident: That Friendly Fire Incident. No details are ever given, but it earned him a court-martial he was very narrowly bailed out of. Nobody involved is willing to share details. We can assume it wasn't pretty.

  • One-Handed Is Cool: Fired his sniper rifle one-handed a few times in close combat. Usually dislocates his arm doing that, but it's one hell of a way showing off.

  • One Hit Kill: Given the nature of his weapon of choice, that's not exactly unusual. He tends to aim for the heads, though, which is unusual and completely unprofessional for a sniper - but the fact that he actually hits makes this a fairly clear outcome.

  • Only Known By Their Nickname: Like everybody in his team, the only name he's ever addressed by is his call sign, B00N (different spelling not an option). His real name is not Boon, Boone, or anything even close. He admits his drill sergeant came up with that name for him (naming him after her dog), because neither she nor anybody else in boot camp could pronounce his real name.

  • Oral Fixation: He has a self-confessed oral fixation and gets... nervous when he can't smoke. Really nervous. You don't want that to happen.

  • Perma-Stubble: It's actually on purpose. And yes, he shaves every day to maintain those stunning good looks of his, naturally.

  • Rant Inducing Slight: Calling him 'European' will inspire furious rants about how he is from the Jovian moon Europa, not Europe, why Europe sucks, that everybody is racist, etc. 'Those fucking Ionians' will most certainly get a honorary mention.

  • Really Gets Around: He is so casual about sex that he even habitually offers it in return for help or favours. Whether that's cool, hot, or just plain jaded and opportunistic is up to everybody to decide for themselves.

  • Red Oni Blue Oni: Sort of the red oni to TSUN's blue oni. Not perfectly fitting, since TSUN is far from the always calm, cool, collected type himself, but with B00N's anger management issues and constant rage fests, TSUN's leadership skills and capability of actually planning (specifically regarding respawn points) looks pretty good.

  • Rite Of Passage: He invents these and tells newcomers to the squad that they are tradition and absolutely obligatory. These rites are usually extremely dangerous and specifically designed to kill off rookies, which he finds funny as hell.

  • Sex For Services: Commonly offers and gives blowjobs to earn himself brownie-points, the right to use the sniper rifle, the rank of the squad's sniper, and help with the court-martial he keeps getting into.

  • Single Biome Planet: The Jovian moon Europa, which he was born and grew up on, is an Ice World. In contrast, their arch-enemy (at least according to B00N) Io qualifies as a Lava Land.

  • Sleeps With Everyone But You: The only person far beyond any chance to get any action with him is TSUN, who has a secret crush on him.

  • Smoking Is Cool: Outside of missions, he can't be seen without a cigarette in his mouth. It is, in fact, what he spends nearly all his salary on.

  • Sniper Duel: He tends to get into these, out of pure obsession to best any enemy sniper.

  • Sociopathic Soldier: Constant 'accidents' of his team mates, needless destruction of public property, and the inability to understand what hostages or civilians are aside... He sets his team on fire by accident, trying to show off what he can do with napalm grenades. He does not feel sorry for it. There is nothing not sociopathic about this soldier.

  • Space Marine: As an ODST, obviously.

  • Tall Blond And Handsome: He is (at least according to himself) the squad's 'hot guy'. At 194 cm he's probably the tallest. The only thing he's missing to be the tall, dark, handsome guy is - yes. The 'dark' part. He's a Nordic looking, light-skinned, blue-eyed blond. Deal with it, bitch.

    • Blond Guys Are Evil: Yeah, nothing about that 'innocent blond' thing here. He's the meanest, most foul-tempered son of a bitch, and he has a tendency to shoot his own squad mates.

  • The Lancer: The right-hand man to the bossman, and the foil to TSUN, who's officially the squad's number two.

  • The Squad: The bossman, TSUN, him, and REMI. And then, there's also that other squad...

  • This Is For Emphasis, Bitch: Drops this a lot. The part about the emphasis is actually his official excuse whenever called out on it.

  • Trigger Happy: He was born to shoot that rifle. He knows it. Give him the slightest excuse, and he'll do it. Doesn't even matter at what.

  • Unfriendly Fire: It seems, uh... possible that the squad's former sniper met his end this way. B00N generally refuses to comment much.

  • Unknown Rival: The one thing that AWESOME Squad agrees on is that GySgt Buck's squad are their sworn rivals. Buck's squad has no clue who the fuck they are.

  • You Say Tomato: He really hates it when his accent's brought up. Sadly, the angrier he gets, the stronger it gets, until it degenerates into pure Angrish.

  • Young Gun: He's not that young any more, but other than that, he has all the traits of one. He's a good shot, but hot-headed, undisciplined, and the first to sign up for suicide missions - apparently just for the kick. Seriously, the more ridiculously suicidal, the quicker he's in. Especially if that involves a tank and a rain of enemy fire. He was this even more when he enlisted, having just turned 18 and never held a gun before (at least not officially). At least he learnt quickly.


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