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The boss. He's awesome. I blow him, he gives me the sniper rifle. Or bails me out of court-martial. He's the guy with the map who knows where we are and where we're going. Also a fucking badass. Bossman is good at everything and leads the most hardcore ODST squad the fucking universe has ever seen, you hear me? Bossman is the greatest. All hail bossman.

POSITION: Heavy Weapons / Explosives
AGE: 32 yrs   MILITARY SERVICE: 3 yrs
PRIM. WEAPON: Brute Shot   SEC. WEAPON: Assault Rifle
AGE: 30 yrs   MILITARY SERVICE: 12 yrs
PRIM. WEAPON: Sniper Rifle   SEC. WEAPON: Pistol
That other guy. Dunno what he does, don't care. Driver, sometimes. Doesn't matter, I hate driving. Likes to blow shit up, and beats up rooks sometimes. Bit of an idiot. Flips his shit if anybody touches the big guns. Holds the record for dipshits who've run me over with some kind of vehicle. Gym-nut, and thinks he's more important than he is, but he gets to take over when bossman's not around.Me. It's B00N. BE-DOUBLE-O-AS-IN-THE-NUMBER-EN. No fucking 'E'. I'm the sniper. Bossman's faithful right-hand-man. We've got some friendly rules here on the squad: You touch the sniper rifle, I shoot you. You touch the napalm grenades, I shoot you. I could be a PFC by now, but got demoted a couple times. Only court-martialled twice. That friendly fire incident? Not my fault.
AGE: 28 yrs   MILITARY SERVICE: 10 yrs
POSITION: Intelligence
AGE: 24 yrs   MILITARY SERVICE: 6 yrs
PRIM. WEAPON: Assault Rifle   SEC. WEAPON: Pistol
The obligatory chick on squad. Some country girl from Earth. Can't speak proper English, can't keep her mouth shut. Has some delusions that she can sing. She's the scout on the team, with a thing for shotguns. Which would be hot, you know, if not for the fucking accent. Still, she gets her shit done. And even knows some good places to party on a few planets. Eh, Earth-girls are all weird.The new kid. AWESOME Squad's very own rook. Kid's from Ganymede, makes him kind of my neighbour. Still sucks, but hey - Ganymede's less bad than fucking Io. Not a great soldier in terms of shooting shit, but he does well enough. Mostly snoops around the military network, steals intel on everybody, and shares sometimes. Could be worse. Long as he doesn't find anything on that friendly fire incident...

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